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Caleb Lemoine

Software Developer / DevOps Engineer

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I'm a problem solver and very much enjoy low level tech and topics. I love exploring new technologies and creating projects that make lives easier. I consider myself a full stack person because I love every piece of tech from the low-level infrastructure on up.

During the day I develop automated solutions focusing on Continuous Delivery to get to market faster by applying DevOps practices which includes designing, implementing and maintaining solutions at scale.

At night, I enjoy hacking away at my own little pet projects and contributing to open source.


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Automatically update docker containers

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A small Node.js library to make filtering objects easier

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A small Node.js library to make SOAP requests easier

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Web Link Tester

An asyncronous flask app to scrape hrefs from web pages and report their http response codes.

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Device Monitor Dashboard

A python application to monitor services/websites/ports with a pretty interface.

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Docker Images

Docker images I've created over time.

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Work Experience

Software Developer - State Farm (Jan 2018- Present)

  • Developed/Documented POC's of new tech stacks/frameworks to evaluate potentially gained efficiencies to help set architectural direction for development.
  • Developed Javascript acceptance/integration tests.
  • Developed multi-threaded Express-based REST API to query legacy data from JSON input integrating with LDAP using Basic Auth. Deployed on Kubernetes.
  • Automated deployment and configurations for Prometheus monitoring using Jenkins/Node exporters combined with Grafana for data visualization.
  • Developed dynamic infrastructure automation for agent facing application using puppet roles and profiles, heavily utilizing hiera data merging for modularity and resiliency.
  • Developed robust/versatile pipelines to enable automated processes for unit, integration, performance, acceptance tests and deployments.

Infrastructure Analyst - State Farm (Jun 2016 - Jan 2018)

  • Deployed/Maintained 1300+ RHEL 6/7 systems and storage (NAS, PVs, VGs, LVs) with Puppet roles and profiles.
  • Automated many manual maintenance tasks with puppet, bash and Cron (system and application via REST API's)
  • Automated application and database backups.
  • Served as the sole Jenkins administrator at SF with deploying, updating and maintaining 150+ masters, 400+ agents for different business areas.
  • Enabled tools and developed infrastructure frameworks to mature Continuous Delivery.
  • Modernized existing infrastructure/application deployments using Docker.
  • Developed complex python/shell scripts for collecting metrics/automating tasks (also developed web front-ends to display metrics).
  • Served as security analyst for DevOps Team by closing security gaps for compliance/auditing (e2e CI/CD encryption).
  • Wrote "self-healing" application/infrastructure automation to ensure uptime and remove manual intervention.
  • Created automated workflows to enable self-service.
  • Worked service tickets for 3rd level incidents.

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